A full Readiness assessment

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Preparing for that next stage

Overview: A comprehensive 6 step process to prepare your company with the information needed for funding rounds and M&A processes.

We work with you to prepare, document and plan the next step.

Step 1: Preparation for the Audit
Initiate the tech due diligence process with a preparatory phase. If an external expert team is engaged, commence by formalizing the process through the signing of essential documents, including a letter of intent and a non-disclosure agreement.

Step 2: Conducting the Initiation Meeting
Facilitate the first kick-off call or meeting to align all involved parties. At a fundamental level, gather key information about the product, covering aspects such as goals, niche, vision, target audience, unique selling points, competitors, and foundational technical elements. Define the objectives and focus areas for the upcoming technical due diligence process, specifying aspects like scope, deadlines, and document transfer procedures. Subsequently, the product owner's team initiates the collection of the documentation slated for review.

Step 3: Document Screening
Undertake a meticulous review of documentation, a pivotal step wherein the technical aspects of the solution are scrutinized by the assessment team. This encompasses an evaluation of code quality, architectural choices, integrations, backups, and other technical components.

Step 4: Individual Meetings with Developers
Following the documentation assessment, the tech due diligence proceeds to performance testing to observe the solution in action. This phase often involves one-on-one meetings with the product's technical lead and developers. These discussions aim to uncover insights into internal development processes, addressing questions about selected software development methodologies and the rationale behind specific decisions.

Step 5: Communication of Interim Findings
At this juncture, significant insights into the product emerge, allowing the technical due diligence team to communicate preliminary results. If necessary, additional reviews and tests may be conducted during this stage to further refine the assessment.

Step 6: Compilation of the Report
The conclusive phase involves the preparation of a comprehensive report by the auditor, presenting the findings amassed from screening, testing, and discussions. This document not only evaluates the condition of various aspects but also provides comments on the findings, predictions, and recommendations for improvement. It encompasses insights into the complexity of processes, potential risks, and suggested strategies for enhancement.

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